"Just had to write and say how much I am impressed by your new website. I have been a fan of your cross stitch kits for a few years now and always look forward to your new designs. I have completed many but pride of place in my home is the Tuscan Gardens triptych. Everyone who sees it says how nice it looks. Please keep up the good work, your artwork brings much pleasure to many people."



"I wish you all the best as your style has so much going for it: cheerful, colourful, talented... what more can I say?"



"First I have to compliment you on your new web-page. It's really excellent, catches the eye and is very easy to navigate around. I can't get over how easy it was to stitch [Mini Lighthouse 1] and despite some of the instructions being a bit complicated in places it was easy to do. I can't wait to do Mini Lighthouse Number Three."



"Your new website is awesome! Having a son who is an artist/designer, I appreciate good art when I see it. Congratulations - well done!"



"I really am enjoying this site and check everyday for anything new. Keep up the good work, your designs are terrific."



As a consumer, I sooooooo much appreciate that you  do take the time to provide the absolute best customer service!! 

Leigh, USA


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