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Very occasionally small design queries and anomalies may occur, so we have decided to add this page as an initial point of reference should you have a problem with one of our kits. We feel this is a simple way to clarify any discrepancies and in particular will make it much easier for customers who have purchased items from abroad.

Please be assured that we always do our best to correct any problems or anomalies once they are identified. Should you require any clarification on specific items then please e-mail

Alternatively should you wish to report a problem then please complete the form below.

Place du Marche

Early versions showed colour 1096 on the thread card which should say 1032. There is nothing wrong with the colour, just the number allocated to it, so please use 1032 instead of 1096.  


Palazzo 1

There has been a problem with a small number of these kits.  We were supplied with faulty thread cards number 2 and 3.  We have had new cards made up so if your kit is one of these faulty ones please contact us and we will send you new thread cards.  Thank you.

In some early issues of this kit we have ended up with the same symbol for two colours (diagonal arrow running bottom left to top right).  At the bottom of the sky you need to use the pink blend.  The sea foam green is used in some of the windows.


Palazzo 2

The early versions of this kit showed two symbols for #868.  There should of course only be one symbol.  Work both symbols  - the double diagonal square, and the cross - in 868.


Cottage Garden 1

A few customers have commented that the chart is different from the stitched model on the cover.  Sorry!  The simple explanation is that we get a model stitched, then as soon as it is our hands we can see things that look different 'in the flesh' to what we saw on the computer screen.  So things get changed, but the model isn't.  All that to say, stick with the chart.  When there are differences it is because we have made the finished kit better than the stitched model!  This of course applies to all of our kits, not just Cottage Garden.



The first batch of Tenby kits have no overlap between the pages of the chart.We are sorry about this oversight which will be rectified with the next batch.

Thinking of You Gem

The earliest batch of this kit has colour #167 in the chart but not in the thread card.  Please use #928 instead.


Home Sampler

The newest batch has got colour #870 missing.  We are sorry about that.  Please contact us with your name and address so that we can send you the thread that you need.

Handmade Houses

 There is a problem with the thread card in our current batch of kits.  Number 146 - blue should read number 4146 - flesh light.Please get in touch with us so that we can send you out the thread that you need.  Alternatively, if you have DMC thread, you can substitute DMC 950.  Thanks.

Festive Window Ref CP80

The thread card has got the white/ violet ultra v light marked twice with the symbols 1 & 7.  These should be the same symbol, so please work both 1 & 7 with the same blend.

Festive Welsh Chapel Ref X134

There are two colours with the same symbol - M.

M - 295 (yellow) is used in the fairylights, stained glass windows and large yellow star.  All other instances of the symbol M should be worked in the blend of 1 & 869.

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